18/05: Pesticide Detection Against Existing Teas

I bought back home a few boxes of the pesticide detection devices, the intention was obvious. It would be nice to sell only the teas that are chemical free.

In the days to come, I shall conduct the pesticide tests against the existing teas we got in stock.

This is not going to be accomplished overnight, but slowly, say a couple of teas per day.

The focus is on our own teas, including MGH and Zenpuer, and then we would move on to these less know, the products made by some small tea factories. The teas from big tea factories would be tested last, it does not mean they are trouble free.

Please check this sign in the web pages:

pesticide negative

The results have been encouraging, almost all teas tested so far passed the test. While I was in China, most newly harvested teas failed the tests. It is evident that chemicals are widely applied in the tea fields nowadays. In our experience, only 2 out of 10 new teas, or the teas made before 2006, or the teas from some less known places passed the tests.

Why our teas are done better in the tests? What are the odds?

This means one thing, if you feel comfortable to drink a tea, it is likely the tea is chemical free. Since we only bought the teas we felt comfortable to drink with, so the most of the teas we were selling had no or little chemicals.

That's a great news!

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