The pesticide testing has been conducted on this tea, and the tea passed the test against multiple chemicals with flying colors.

When I first saw this tea, I wanted to make a product by using it, so we would have another top grade tea under MGH or Zenpuer brand.

The tea shows with beautiful golden tea tips/buds, it infuses to produce a tasty tea with clear ruby soup, sweet and mellow, considering it a great Menghai Pu-erh.

Menghai ripe is always the choice of true Pu-erh tea drinkers, naturally it costs more than other ripe. But at this price, you can afford to make it your everyday tea.

  • Fermented or ripe
  • Pu-erh Tea  250g
  • Vintage 2009
  • Quality: Imperial Grade
  • Loose tea leaves

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2009 Menghai Gongting Grade Premium Pu-erh Tea 250g

  • $26.49

  • Price in reward points: 1999