2011 Luoshuidong Ancient Tree Pu-erh Cake

Luoshuidong is a village very close to famous Mahei village, so sometimes a Luoshuidong tea is offered/sold as a Mahei tea. These premium teas are generally called 'Yiwu Zhengshan' teas.

Since Spring 2011, the price for these premium teas went through the roof, we could not afford them. Luckily we found this rare/genuine 2011 Spring production. You have to taste it to understand what's all the fuss about 'Yiwu Zhengshan' and you won't be disappointed. The wrapper for the cake was made in 2009.

  •     Green Pu-erh tea Cake 400g
  •     Vintage 2011
  •     Raw/Green/Unfermented
  •     Premium class
  •     Loose tea leaves
  •     Special-Reserve

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2011 Luoshuidong Ancient Tree Gree Pu-erh Tea Cake 400g

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