2006 Jinggu Ripe Dragon Egg Pu-erh Tea

5 packed in bamboo bark.

It's not something you can just get it anywhere but here, our best procurement in 2013 Spring.

Almost flawless, it's absolutely the best ripe tea from Jinggu area, pure, sweet, smooth and round. Talking about the throat feel after drinking this tea, it's amazingly comfortable.  

This is a high quality ripe pu-erh tea made by using early spring ancient tree materials from Jinggu. It brews a superb nice tea, very impressive, good even for a person whom never heard of Pu-rh tea. I am running out the admiration words for this tea.

Vintage: 2006

Factory: Jinggu Heli Tea Factory

Form: Tuocha alike

Genre: Shu/Ripe/Cooked/fermented

Typical Weight: 100 grams/3.52 oz.

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2006 Jinggu Ripe Dragon Egg Pu-erh Tea 100g

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