2010 Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Mushroom Tuocha

The single mushroom tuocha has no wrapper so a plain paper wrapper shall be used. However if you buy 3, you get the original packing.  

During my 2011 trip to Shangri-la I saw this product was worshiped in Tibetan temples. The color of the tea liquid is thick yellowish and it is tasty. The yak milk tea made from this mushroom tuocha was considered as the best beverage for distinguished guests, and an essential diet supplement for meat-eating Tibetan.

The legend of Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Mushroom Tuocha started in 1941 when Xiaguan Tea factory was established, the tea was dedicated to Panchen (Governor of Tibet), symboling a tribute tea to a Living buddha. The production was interrupted a few times in history. There was a brick form of Tibetan Flame tea introduced in 1955 and in circulation there after. In 1986 there was a request from Panchen himself, asking for resuming the production of Mushroom shaped tea. In 2003, a Taiwanese company commissioned its version of Tibetan Flame Mushroom Tuocha, it then became an instant hit because of its exceptional quality.

Vintage 2010

Factory Xiaguan Tea Factory

Form Tuocha

Genre Green/unfermented

Weight about 250 grams/8.81 oz. Whole Tuocha 

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2010 Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Mushroom Tea Tuocha 250g

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