2016 Xiaguan FT Nanchao Gold Tips Green Tuocha

FT means 'For Taiwan', that is, a batch specially made for Taiwan tea merchants.

Just understand this: a 2004 Xiaguan FT Nanchao Gold Tips Tuocha was sold at 10 times of its original price. So when 2016 Xiaguan FT Nanchao Gold Tips Tuocha was released, people rushed to get hold of it.

2016 Xiaguan FT Nanchao Gold Tips Tuocha was made by using very good raw materials, it got potentials. It is strong with high volume of arome, with that special Xiaguan tobacco(smoke) scent many love.

This is a top grade green pu-erh tuocha, a sought after product as soon as the product was released. The color of the tea liquid is thick yellowish and very tasty. The reviews from all walks of life have been mostly positive, and it certainly entertains its status as a collector's item.

Get it now while the tea is fresh and the price is low. Search the web you would find a similiar 2009  tuo is selling at close to $ 30.

Vintage 2016

Factory Xiaguan Tea Factory

Form Tuocha

Genre Green/unfermented

Typical Weight 200 grams/7.05 oz.

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2016 Xiaguan FT Nanzhao Gold Tips Green Tuocha 200g

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