2007 Daixiangyutuo Tribute Tuocha

The pesticide testing has been conducted on this tea, and the tea passed the test against multiple chemicals with flying colors.

This is considered as the best of Bulang green pu-erh tuocha. We tasted many 2007 green pu-erh teas, and found this one outstanding in terms of quality and taste. Now we were told it's made of Lao Man'e raw materials, then we said "No wonder". Lao Man'e is a village closed to LBZ, as local farmers used t say "we are just a few blocks away from LBZ, and our tea is often sold as LBZ".

It takes a while before the tea releases its flavor since it's tightly compressed. It's never boring to taste a camphor smell filled oily tea broth with pleasant after-taste.

Vintage: 2007

Factory: Menghai Banzhang Zhengshan Tea Factory

Form: Tuocha

Genre: Green/unfermented

Typical Weight: 250 grams/8.81 oz.


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2007 Daixiangyutuo (Tribute Tea from Dai Village) Tuocha 250g

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