2009 Mengku Ancient Yun Pu-erh Cake

The cake was made of the old tree material harvested in 2009 Spring, Mengku area, a collection piece with limited production.

Mengku tea has always got a place in my heart. After I gave up on the recent productions from Shuangjiang Mengku Tea Factory, I was on the lookout for better productions from that area. This one turns out to be good for my appetite, the tea leaves are not 'baked' dry, but sun dried, which I consider an important factor for a long term aging. The old tradition is good to follow.

A lot of people ask about a clean yellow tea broth that tastes, this is it. No trail of smokiness, no 'off' smell, but pure and simple, the brewed tea is aromatic, typical Lincang flavour and a good sweet aftertaste. We got a high expectation for this tea to become something.

    Green Pu-erh tea cake 357g
    Vintage 2009
    Premium class
    Loose tea leaves

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2009 Mengku Ancient Yun Green Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g

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