2009 Bangmu 'Root Aroma' Old Tea Pu-erh Cake

The cake was made of the old tree material harvested in 2009 Spring, Bangmu, Mengku area, a collection piece with limited production.

'Gen' in Chinese means root or fundamental, 'Xiang' means aroma.

Mengku tea has always got a place in my heart. After I gave up on the recent productions from Shuangjiang Mengku Tea Factory, I was on a look out for better productions from that area. This one turns out to be good for my appetite, the tea leaves are not 'baked' dry, but sun dried, which I consider an important factor for a long term aging. The old tradition is good to follow.

I would guessed this cake was made of sort purple tea leaves, widely available in that area. The brewed tea is thick with a lot of substances, a hint of herbal and spicy, pretty strong affair, typical Lincang flavour and a good sweet aftertaste. To drink it now is rough on your stomach, it is recommended for a long term storage.

  •     Green Pu-erh tea Cake 357g
  •     Vintage 2009
  •     Raw/Green/Unfermented
  •     Premium class
  •     Loose tea leaves
  •     Special-Reserve

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2009 Genxiang Old Cha Green Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g

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