Guoyan Classic 66 Green Pu-erh Tea Cake

A tea cake formulated based upon famous classic 66 tea cake that sold for thousands. 

The Mengyang Guoyan Tea Factory made some of the best pu-erh that Xishuangbanna has to offer for the price. This tea cake is the first batch of 2007 Spring production (batch # 701), a QS certified product. What happens if you placed this cake into a storage for a couple of years. Now you see it, the color of the leaves has turned into golden yellow, and the brewed soup is less astringent - it is ageing.

Mengyang Guoyan Tea factory sits in Mengyang county, Jinghong, it is near the Youle tea area. Its primary products are consisting of folk feature series and tea mountain series. Folk feature series including Dai nationality girl tribute cake, Hani nationality High Mountain Mist cake, Bulang nationality Organic cake and Jinuo nationality long pa arbor cake. It is a well-known fact that the factory made Xi-Zhi Hao for Mr. Chen in Taiwan.

  •     Green Cake Pu-erh Tea 357g/12.6 ounces
  •     Vintage: 2007
  •     unfermented or raw
  •     Premium class
  •     Loose tea leaves

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2007 Guoyan Classic 66 Green Pu-erh Tea Cake 357g

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