Samples only, the whole cake was sold out.

The tea making technique accumulated in decades at Menghai Tea Factory was selected as one of China's cultural heritages in 2008, and a tea cake was made to celebrate this event.

Here comes Dayi Big Classic cake. It is believed that the best effort has been made and some decent raw materials are blended to produce one of the better cakes in 2008, not just for marketing purpose.

In the history, this type of special event driven cake demands hefty dollars in just a few years.

  •     Pu-erh Tea Cake Sample 25g
  •     Fermented or cooked
  •     Vintage 2008
  •     Premium class
  •     Loose tea leaves

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2008 Menghai Dayi Big Classic Ripe Pu-erh Tea Sample 25g

  • $5.00

  • Price in reward points: 500