1999 Aged Bamboo Bark Wrapped Pu-erh Brick Tea Sample

The old tea brick is composed of low grade tea leaves and stems as shown,  as the old tradition dictates: no good tea leave should be wasted in a tea brick.And you might have also observed that it looks loose, you can almost break the tea brick without using a tool.

Some identifies this brick with a trace of 'lotus flower' aroma - the most sought after flavor in an old tea, others simply favor its mellowed taste, thanks to its age. If you like to try an aged ripe tea that is more than a decade old, this is your pick.

One easy way to tell if a tea is truly aged is that you can never over-brew it - you can brew it for a long time, yet the brewed soup is still clean clear.

It brews a great looking/tasteful broth with no 'off' taste, enduring for multiple infusions, the power of an aged tea.

    Pu-erh Tea Brick Sample 25g
    Vintage 1999
    Medium class
    Loose tea leaves

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1999 Aged Bamboo Bark Wrapped Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick Sample 25g

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