Old Cang Family Yiwu Pu-erh Tea Cake Sample 25g

This cake tea came from a private reserve. You could not get it in local market.

The cake is made of arbor tea leaves from Yiwu mountain, considering it a truly authentic rare and unique Pu-erh tea. It went into aging in Xishuangbanna that delivered a taste of a good aged green Pu-erh aged for 5 years.

This tea is already showing fine aging with a deep amber liquor. The taste has depth and strength with distinct odours of camphor, orange sweet, yet pungency after multiple brews - complex, not your average Pu-erh tea for sure.  Enjoy it now or put it away for a even more wonderful tea developed, a treasure not to be missed.

One of our best findings in our 2010 tea trip.

  •     Green Pu-erh tea Sample 25g
  •     Vintage: 2008
  •     Premium class
  •     Loose tea leaves
  •     Special-Reserve
  •     PuerhShop Exclusive

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2008 Laocangjia Yiwu Arbor Green Pu-erh Tea Cake Sample 25g

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