2011 Early Spring Green Pu-erh Cake Sample

The cake was made of the first flush tender leaves/tips harvested in 2011 Spring, Bulang Mountain area, a collection piece with limited production.

We are hit by a strong aroma the minute the wrapper is opened. If you want to know what a real Spring Bulang tea tastes alike, this is it. For people who love Bulang tea, this is a must have.

A lot of people ask about a clean tea broth that tastes, this is it. No trail of smokiness, no 'off' smell, but pure and simple, the brewed tea is aromatic, floral honey, typical Menghai flavour and a good sweet aftertaste. We got a high expectation for this tea to become something wonderful.

We liked it so much, we got all we could put our hands on, since 2009.

  •     Green Pu-erh tea Sample 25g
  •     Vintage 2011
  •     Raw/Green/Unfermented
  •     Premium class
  •     Loose tea leaves
  •     Special-Reserve

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2011 Bulang Early Spring Green Pu-erh Tea Cake Sample 25g

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