2010 Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Brick

Many agree Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Brick is one of the best deals in town. Even though it was made by using low grade raw materials.

During my 2011 trip to Shangri-la I saw this product in Tibetan temples. The color of the tea liquid is thick yellowish and it is tasty. The yak milk tea made from this brick was considered as the best beverage, and a vital diet supplement for meat-eating Tibetan.

This brick tasted strong with great fragrance. If you like a mellowed/sweet tea, please try this: 2007 Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Brick. It's a much easier drink.

It's OK not to eat meat for 3 days´╝îbut got to drink tea every single day. - Tibetan proverb

Factory: Xiaguan Tea Factory

Form: Brick

Vintage: 2010

Genre: Green/unfermented

Typical Weight: 250 grams/8.81 oz.

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2010 Xiaguan Tibetan Flame Brick 250g

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