2003 Old Nugget  (Chatou) Pu-erh Tea

Yunnan Nugget Pu-erh tea was made of large tea leaves harvested in Xishuangbanna and it had underwent proper aging. During Pu-erh oxidation process, some of the tea leaves will get stuck with one another and takes a nugget shape form as a result of heat and high compression.

This tea brews a clear chestnut soup in color, rich in flavor, very smooth, no bitterness and no bad aftertaste. Good for multiple infusions.
  • Pu-erh tea brick 100g
  • Vintage: 2003
  • Premium class
  • Loose tea leaves
  • Special-Reserve
  • PuerhShop Exclusive

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2003 Old Nugget (Chatou) Pu-erh Tea 100g

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