Haiwan Ultimate Premium Pu-erh Brick Tea

We were tipped off by a tea veteran who told us there were something decent from Haiwan Tea Factory if we were after super clean and organic products. He advised us not to consider any numbered formula products (like 88xx, 99xx etc.), but the brand named specialty products.

We had not bought from this tea factory for a long while, and we were wondering what's the best Haiwan got to offer. In our memory, Haiwan Tea Factory offered most mainstream products for the masses. Not until we found a few interesting products, referring my blog here http://www.puerhshop.com/blog/?itemid=602.

This is the top of the line, the best product made by Mr. Zhou Bing Liang, ex-manager of the Menghai Tea Factory with over 50 years experience in tea making. It is the actual product sent to People's Hall (Chinese Congress), Beijing for chinese elites. 

The factory has been certified as an organic/Halal tea producer.

  •     Brick Pu-erh Tea 500g/17.63 ounces
  •     Fermented/Shu/Cooked
  •     Vintage 2006-up (2012 compressed)
  •     Premium class
  •     Loose tea leaves

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2012 Haiwan Ultimate Premium Pu-erh Tea Brick 500g

  • $88.99

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