Hunan Yiyang Fu Zhuan Cha Large Brick 

This tea brick wrapper is broken due to shipping.

This brick was made by Hunan Yiyang Tea Factory in 2016 for Tibetan and Mongolia people who just love it - cannot live without this stuff.  It is traditional to make a Fu Zhuan with all stems and leaves chopped up. It's best to drink it after a heavy meal, for example, a greasy steak or BBQ.

In a research conducted by Japanese, Hunan Fu Zhuan cha is the most effective one, among all teas, for weight loss. In Korea, Hunan Fu Zhuan cha is prompted as a beauty tea for well being.

  • Fu Tea Brick, 1500g/3.3 pounds
  • Vintage: 2016
  • Fermented or cooked
  • Loose tea leaves

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2016 Hunan Yiyang Fu Zhuan Tea Brick 1500g

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