• 2007 Spring Dings Village (Dingjia Zhai) Arbor Maocha 50g

This premium sun dried maocha is made of genuine Yiwu Dings Village (Dingjia Zhai) arbor material harvested in 2007 Spring from the high-altitude, and non-polluted environment, collected and pre-processed by Yiwu Huishenghao.

The liquor shows a golden color, with good clarity. This is the most sought after Yiwu Premium Tea. There are many "layers" in this complex tea; it is suggested you use 6-7 grams leaf, take time to experiment different brewing length, water temperature.

Try it when the brewed soup is cooled slightly, the taste seems to become more amazing.

Few know Yiwu Huishenghao supplies the premium raw materials to a few premium Yiwu brands, it is said that the owner of Huishenghao, Ms. He controlled 70% Mahei materials.

  • Green or Raw
  • Pu-erh Tea 50g bag
  • Vintage 2007
  • Premium class
  • Loose tea leaves

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2007 Spring Dings Village (Dingjia Zhai) Arbor Maocha 50g

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