Dayi Premium Pu-erh Teabag (10)

This teabag is made by Menghai Tea Factory, made in 2011 by using old vintage materials.

It's not an average teabag you can get at a grocery store, it's a smartly packed 7572 (classic Menghai flavor) at $ 0.37 per brew, taste it and prepare to be impressed!

Could you get me a premium teabag? Here you are.

Let's enjoy a nice cup of pu-erh anywhere you can get hot water and a cup.

  • 10 teabags
  • Weight 18 grams/0.63 Oz.
  • Genre Shu/Ripe/Cooked/fermented
  • Vintage 2010
  • Premium class
  • Loose tea leaves
PREPARATION: Place 1 bags in a cup, fill with boiling water and let it steep for 10-20 seconds and serve. Teabags can be steeped up to 3 times.

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2010 Dayi Business Travel Premium Teabag (10)

  • $3.70

  • Price in reward points: 370