2013 MGH 1313 Aged Ripe Pu-erh Brick Tea

The old tea brick is composed of low/medium grade tea leaves as shown, as the old tradition dictates: no good tea leave should be wasted in a tea brickMost would simply favor its extra smooth, mellowed taste with a silk finish, thanks to its age. If you like to try an aged ripetea that is a decade old, this is your pick.

We took this tea to beat most so-called 'aged' green pu-erh teas that claimed to be 30-40 years old in blind tea tasting sessions at Kunming, China. Of course, I could have said my tea was a 50 years old green Pu-erh tea, just to calm down those lossers, since in many ways you cannot tell if it's a ripe tea or an aged green Pu-erh tea - so why spent $$$$ for an aged green Pu-erh?  In the end, 2kg loose leaves were sold to a few cry out loud rich fellows at ¥ 1,800 RMB ( about $ 300 USD) even the truth was told.

It brews a great tasteful broth with no 'off' taste, enduring for multiple infusions, the power of an aged tea.

Caution: be aware the raw material was not very clean to begin with, resulting in some foreign objects in some bricks, but the tea is the first class.

  • Pu-erh Tea Brick 250g/8.82 ounces
  • Fermented/Ripe/Cooked
  • Vintage 2003, Compressed in 2013
  • Premium class
  • Loose tea leaves
  • PuerhShop Exclusive

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2013 MGH 1313 Aged Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick 250g

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