• 2011 Premium Lao Mane Pu-erh Tea (2 oz)

2011 Lao Mane Ancient Tree Pu-erh Tea

When I was told someone made a premium qiaomu/ancient tree ripe Pu-erh, I was at first disbelieved. Then I saw it by myself at a small workshop in Menghai. It was an eye opening experience. The entire fermentation pile was about 200kg, placed in a big wide cloth bag above the ground, surrounding by more cloth fence. The entire processing was done without touching the ground. I confess I saw some of the best looking ripe tea leaves, appealing and clean.

A few days past after returning Kunming, I was told the tea was almost sold out, even Ms. Shen, the owner from 6FTM, among many who’s who in Pu-erh tea circle, paid a full price for this stuff!

I got a chance to try it when there was about 5 kg left, I was impressed by its dynamic ability to deliver enduring brews with nice aroma so I decided to get a sample of it. Now you have the opportunity to check it out by yourself.

Yes, I know this stuff is too expensive, but let me put this way: even the raw material, aka maocha from Lao Mane’s ancient tea field costs just about the same nowadays.

  • Fermented or ripe
  • Pu-erh Tea 2 oz Tin
  • Vintage 2011
  • Quality: Superior Grade
  • Loose tea leaves

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2011 Premium Lao Mane Pu-erh Tea (2 oz)

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