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2011 MGH 1109 Mangfei Green Pu-erh Tea Brick 250g
[MGH 1109 Mangfei - 1320]

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Wow! I finally got around to trying this brick, and it's a killer bang for the buck. After gently opening the paper packaging (another great use for that tiny Tuocha pick!), I was impressed by the relatively large leaves that comprised the outside of the brick. It's not super-dense (like a particular 250g Douji "rock" that I ordered), but it's firm enough that you'll want a good picking utensil if you don't want to mangle it completely.

Once I put the ~3g in my tiny, warmed Yixing pot, I combined my 10sec. wash and a 15sec. first steep into my faircup. I was very impressed by the slightly sweet/slightly astringent first cup (which reminded me a bit of the 2009 CNNP cake I got on here), but I LOVED the silky mouthfeel and warming qi that popped up in the later infusions. Usually I'll make a cup and get distracted by something else, but this one kept me coming back to see how the next cup tasted. I don't know if I wasn't using enough leaves (or if I timed my pours just right), but it never developed that bitter edge that I've come to associate with some young shengs.

I've had a couple other cakes and samples that fell flat or didn't change too much after that first cup, and I'm excited to see how this one ages over time. For something I got on a whim, I'd certainly recommend this to beginners or pu-drinkers on a budget. I'm both of those things, and it worked out great for me.
Date Added: 09/13/2012 by Cole Jones
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