An Action Diet Plan

After years of research on tea drinks, Japan's Asahi beer and Asahi beverage companies recently discovered that Pu-erh tea played a great role in weight loss and maintained the slimming effects.

Under normal circumstances, the body weight can be reduced through dieting. However, when eating a little relaxed, the weight will quickly return to the situation before the diet, the so-called "weight rebound." Researchers said that this was because the slimming without exercising will not only result in a muscular atrophy, but also lead to a reduced consumption of the basic calories. Therefore, after the success of slimming diet, even a normal eating lifestyle will cause excess calories to build up, followed by rebound weight.

To seek a method to control "rebound weight", the researchers have conducted a study of tea drinks. Four groups of rats are fed with lipid-rich foods to increase their weight and then diet. After some time, regular foods are used to feed rats, with tea powder including Pu-erh tea, Jasmine tea, Oolong tea and mixed tea.

The result is encouraging. After 11 days, the weight of the rat would not increase except for the rat fed with Jasmine tea powder. For the rats fed with the Pu-erh tea powder, weight loss effect is most outstanding that the average weight of the rat in the group is 8 grams less than the average weight in other groups.

An action Pu-erh tea diet plan

Breakfast: Just a normal breakfast, plus a drink made by 6-10 grams Pu-erh tea and 250CC boiling water.

Lunch: Normal lunch, plus 12-30 grams Pu-erh tea and 1500CC boiling water. Drink 500CC before the meal, 500CC after dinner , another 500CC drink when thirsty or hungry.

Dinner: Normal dinner, plus 10-20 grams Pu-erh tea and 500CC boiling water. Remember that there is absolutely no food after dinner.

As long as you drink Pu-erh tea, supplemented by appropriate exercising, you will certainly be able to have an ideal body.



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