A Weight Loss Plan

A weight loss plan that works

First of all, get youself some Pu-erh tea, preferable those cooked (fermented, ripe) ones at Puerh Shop. A good choice can be the 2011 MGH 1104 Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick or 2012 MGH 1203 Imperial Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick. Say let's get 4, that's enough supply for a month.

When you get up in the morning, go for the first cup. Use the instruction as follows:

Heat water until boiling and pour into a teapot or a gaiwan, use one piece mini Pu-erh brick tea. Steep for 3 seconds and pour off water. This is called 'rinsing the tea'. Add more water and steep for 8 seconds. Pour water incrementally into your typical coffee mug, now tea is ready to drink. Additional infusions should be steeped for longer, 6 secs for the second infusion, 5 secs for the third, up to 30 second for the last, now tea is almost depleted and it can be thrown out.

Please note that for a Pu-erh tea beginner, this tea may not be to your liking when you get started, but let's hanging on. You will get used to it.

Your digestion system would be washed somewhat by this treatment, and your blood stream flows more freely - not to mention that the cholesterol level should be reduced in some degree - if you keep drinking it for the days to come.

It's time to have your breakfast. Have it like you normally would, meat, egg, fruits and etc. are all welcome, nothing is restricted.

After breakfast, you can start your second take of Pu-erh tea. Simply throw a piece of mini Pu-erh tea brick into a thermo cup, pull enough boiling water to cover the tea brick, steep for 5 seconds and pour water off. Refill up the thermo cup with all boiling water, off you go to your work. Drink it anyway you would prefer.

At 11:00am-11:30am, it's time for your third take of Pu-erh tea. Do whatever it is feasible, either the first way or the second way.

You should have your normal lunch like you always enjoyed. Meat, veg., bread, cheese, ice cream whatever you liked.

After lunch hour, Pu-erh tea plays a great role for your health. Be sure to drink some!

In the afternoon, before leaving for home, do have another round of tea.

If you are anxious to get the results like me, please skip the supper.

Your last tea should be drunk before 8-9pm.

The total count of mini brick Pu-erh tea used is 4 for the day, and up to 24 cups of delicious Pu-erh tea have been drunk.

That's it - my simple weight loss formula for everyone. It worked on me and it also worked on a lots of people. I lost about 20 lbs after two months by doing so, and I kept drinking Pu-erh tea from now on. I felt great!

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