28/05: New System

While I was in Kunming, our system crashed. It was a panic attack ...

Our system was firstly built in 2006, during 2006 - 2017 April period, many updates and patches were applied. It worked all along, but in need of a major overhaul which we hesitated to do.

Finally in April 2017, I was told that someone logged in our system could see other's shopping cart, I was disbelieved. But when I tried, it was TRUE! Something went wrong at the support engine of the system which was just upgraded.

I started to upgrade the system in Kunming, at a terrible internet speed, too slow to accomplish much. All of a sudden, the system crashed, everything was gone, all data disappeared.

So we had to built a new system from a scratch. I bought a dedicated IP, a SSL certification and a high performance host service.

The first system we had been always used was bulky and hard to adapt. The second system we took was called Tomatocart, it looked pretty, we spend almost 20 days to get the system up running. It worked and then failed from time to time, unpredictable - I was pulling my hairs!

At last I found Opencart, a system worked with all bells and whistles. We spent a few hard working days, our website was finally worked, fully functional.

The upside is that our system is now SSL protected (key pages, like login, create account and checkout), mobile friendly - you can use all Tablets, and smart phones.

The downside is that we lost all client info, our clients have to re-create their accounts at our new system.

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