11/07: Puerh Shop Wholesale Start Now

I am building our wholesale webshop, it is functional right now at

The purpose is for our business clients and bulk/large volume accounts. Yes, you have to apply to get in, once approved, you would get some real deals.

Some basic/simple rules are:

You have to be qualified to purchase.
If your order is under $ 100, you have to pay $ 10 surcharge.
If your order is more than $ 200, we pay S/H within continental USA.
No reward is provided.

Other than above, it works pretty much the same as our retail webshop.

How to get started?

Simply register your account ( yes, you have to do it) at
If you are a bulk/volume buyer, send us an email to inform us, so we would check your order history to see if you qualify.
If you are a business client, please email us a copy of your business registration.

The email address:

At my end, most tedious task is re-listing the products we are offering at the wholesale level. Currently, there are over 50 products offered.

We are in business.

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