15/06: 2015 Spring tea trip, part III

I never thought I would come this far, I found few teas worth to buy.

I got paid for our 1998 CNNP 7542 Green Pu-erh Tea Cakes in two weeks, they were quickly sold out by the vendor I bought from, whom earned handsome profits. I began to toss the idea to export back all expensive teas we had in stock at Michigan for China market.

Now I had the funds for something new and exciting...

Sure, there were a few famous brands that most people would say they were great teas. The asking price aside, after cups after cups with tons of samples I just could not get myself excited!

I tasted famous/super expensive 88 Qing cake again and found it a joke, how could someone like this junk? My $ 50 ripe brick would beat this thing hands down.

I received 50 plus sample cakes from various sources but gave them all up, because I considered that we already had the similar teas.

Brands like Douji and Yulin (aka 雨林 Rain Forest) were out of our reach in terms of their sky high prices, I would not trouble myself to even check them out.

On the positive side, it was close to the last day of my trip, an old brand name jumped into my view, it was Quanji 权记- a premium Yiwu tea maker. I made the connection (talked to the owner and he invited me to pay a visit to his factory), but I hardly got any time left to travel down to Xishuangbanna, in order to hunt a few good teas from them. Well, maybe this falls I could. What if their prices are also out of reach?

In any event, there are about 30 plus new teas would come to America this coming summer, including Dayi, Xiaguan, CNNP and etc., a few are our own Zenpuer. In my opinion, we had the best we could find for the season.

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