11/05: 2015 Spring tea trip, part II

I have been in Kunming for more than 2 weeks now. Thing is looking good so far.

Interestingly enough, 1998 CNNP 7542 Green Pu-erh Tea Cake I sold back was listed for sale by the original vendor for 900 RMB (roughly $ 145) apiece. Talking about the buying power of some rich Chinese nowadays.

After meeting with our suppliers and having tasted over 100 teas, we found a few good ones.

Good teas are always costy, you have to pay a high premium for sure. Our chemical free test kit comes handy to filter out a lots of teas.

Meanwhile, a few orders for our own MGH and Zenpuer teas are placed. There is no quota per sa. If we found decent raw materials, we would do it. Yes, they have to be special, and they have to be chemical free to begin with. Some suppliers were discouraged when we announced their teas are disqualified for our purchasing plan because we found chemicals in them.

"You know, chemical free teas are not tasted as good", one supplier argued. "Nonsense, most old teas are chemical free, they do taste better", I smiled with an answer.

I came a thousand miles away, and it's my job to select a few good teas.

I start to check my calender to plan what to do the next. By current pace, I would have accomplished my tasks before next week when all funds are exhausted.

So let me slow down, and find a place to relax for a couple of weeks, then pack up to return USA.

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