03/05: 2015 Spring tea trip, part I

It's late Spring when the weather in Detroit was still cold. Time waits for no one, so I packed my luggage.

These are happening.

The first thing of the first, I sold all our 1998 CNNP 7542 Green Pu-erh Tea Cakes in Kunming. If someones in USA did not appreciate this tea, let someone else whom loved the stuff to have it. At a price doubled what I had paid, I saw nothing wrong. In return, I would have enough funds for other teas our Americans liked.

Good news is that Dayi has reduced the prices for their new offerings, now it's kinda affordable to buy famous Dayi brand again. The focus is on these teas that are being consumed, not these that are being stored for the future/investment.

The standard I had set last year was enforced, only these teas tested chemical free would be pursued. Now I added another rule: only these green Pu-erh teas that have shown the sign of good aging or the potential to age would be pursued.

As for ripe Pu-erh, I am confident to pick a few good ones based upon my past experience.

I may be late for 2015 early Spring harvest, but there are more than enough to buy at this season in Kunming.

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