26/05: Four Teas to Test Against Pesticide

On this Memories Day I spent my time to test four teas.

If it displays a pure blue dot, it means it is clean like pure water, if no blue is seen, it is loaded with chemicals.

The results are provided as follow:

1. The best one with no pesticide: 2013 MGH 1301 Ultimate Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick 150g
MHG 1301 brick.JPG
Test Result:
MHG brick test result.JPG

2. The second best: Sri Lanka's Pure Ceylon
Test Result:
Ceylon result.JPG

3. The third that failed the test: India's Darjeeling
Test Result:
Darjeeling result.JPG

4. Starbuck Coffee's Ceylon Blending, the worst I have ever seen
Test Result:

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