11/05: 2014 Spring Tea Trip, Part IV

What are coming to USA this Summer?

After a month and some in China, it's time to pack up.

Most readers of this blog would be interested in the stuff we are going to bring home.

The focus was still on the ripe teas that people drank everyday when we landed in Kunming.

Our new MGH and Zenpuer products in 2014 would share these features:

All tested against pesticide
Each one is one of the kind
Keep the cost down!

In 2014, in addition to a few our own MGH and Zenpuer products, we are going to have a number of CNNP/COFCO products, and a few Xiaguan products. COFCO had restored its position as a big player in Pu-erh teas and their new products were often sold out in just a couple of weeks at the wholesale level. As for Xiaguan, I found their ripe Pu-erh took a big leap in taste - used to be sour in the past, yet priced reasonably. These two companies were making the grade by delivering a few good affordable products that people consumed.

I did look into new (greedy) Dayi products but failed to buy anything because of their astonishing prices. There was a report saying that most Dayi products were not comsumed but stored up for capital gain. Although the prices for Dayi products had been coming down recently, I would check them back again in the Fall. Also missing in our purchasing plan were big/ancient tree teas from a few famous tea villages. If someone wanted to show me a LBZ or a Bingdao tea, I did not even bother to ask the price, but simply walked away. This was not a year for these teas.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for this. Looking forward to your return.

I must tell you that I pulled out the 2007 Fuzhuan Hunan brick this evening and was delighted to find yellow "blooms" growing on on side of the brick. Any experience yourself with this kind of growth? This brick, as you said, as aged so very nicely. The taste is there, now more than ever. The taste of sticks has disappeared and the smooth flavor is pronounced. Thank you, thank you!
14/05 20:08:29

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