02/04: 2014 Spring Tea Trip, Part I

I had been in Kunming since last week.

There is nothing much going on, except all buzz on price hike.

Our customers have wondered why we did not take in more new Dayi products since 2012? The answer is in the prices Dayi dared to charge. I was told each authorized Dayi dealer was supplied with 3 cases of famous 7542 tea cake only - it created a starved market and huge price hike. I think Dayi 7542 is good only when it is priced accordingly, based upon its plantation tea origin.

The latest ranking puts CNNP/Kunming Tea Factory at the top spot, second only after Dayi. While Xiaguan Tea Factory was trailed at a distant third. So we are going to see more CNNP and less Dayi and Xiaguan in the days to come.

I have packed my luggages and ready to run down to Xishuangbanna, the heartland of Pu-erh tea.

So stay tuned.

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