19/01: On Ancient Tree Tea II

Do you know an Ancient Tree Tea had costed less than a plantation tea before 2007?

Why? The Ancient Tree Tea was hard to harvest, its appearance was less appealing (by the standard back then), and you could not get it in large quantity.

These were the factors all big tea factories said NO to the ancient tree teas.

So guess what, most of the famous aged teas were made with plantation tea leaves!

Big Red Print/label, Small Green Print/label, Small Yellow Print/label, 88 Qing, 7542 ... all of them were made with plantation tea leaves. These were considered as the best teas, even today.


Why all of a sudden the ancient tree tea got under the spotlight?

Before 2004, no big factories, but a few small tea factories and tea merchants bought into the ancient tree teas simply because of their low costs.

Approaching 2004, the ancient tree teas were still dirt cheap so they started to sell. It's interesting for a small tea factory you had to make up something to make people believe these were good teas to buy. For these commissioned teas by a few tea merchants at some big factories the same story, noted 2003 Dayi Organic Banzhang Green Pu-erh Tea Cake and 2003 Dayi Qiaomu Old Tree Green Pu-erh Tea Cake were all commissioned teas by tea merchants.

Since most of us could not sell our teas under the CNNP/Dayi/Xiaguan label, and we did not have a fancy formula like 7542, but we needed a premium tea/brand to boost our sales, famous tea mountains and pure ancient tree tea leaves seemed to be fascinating, to attrack attention, and then they became our trademarks.

Gradually, everyone joins the crowd. The rest is history.

Welcome to 2014, a year the ancient tree teas become dominant.

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