18/12: 2014, a year that is unsettling

Can you believe I have booked my 2014 Spring tea trip?

Yes, I did it because it was so cheap. I played with a Delta app on my iPhone one day, which suggested I could book early a return trip from Detroit to Kunming for less than $ 1,000; You bet I wanted to make it happen.

So, I will be fly Kunming by the end of March, 2014.

But, I got no clue what I would end up with in the next Spring as I had received so many negative messages that said the prices would be absurd if you wanted to get some decent tea leaves from famous tea villages.

My friends in Yiwu suggested I placed an order early on, but I was hesitated....

As you see, Chinese currency is going up against USD for the reasons I could not comprehend - My experience had been that Chinese currency in China was worthless, yet you could exchange it for a lot of US dollars.

Well, well...

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Cheap flight! Safe travels.
20/12 10:02:55

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