15/11: 2013 Autumn Tea Trip, Part IV

I did not talk much about a tea farmer and his family.

A tea farmer in Yunnan could be among the laziest bunch you would even meet.

He smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, and plays like a gambler. I hardly find the guy on the job. His gig is talking, drinking, and smoking. Well, this could be going on for 24 hours non stop.

You have to ask me, who did all hard works to make the teas?

The answer is: his women, including wife, mother, daughters and daughter-in-law ... No wonder someone like to call his tea a 'daughter tea'!

At dinner time, his women would have to bring out the meal, a bottle of liqour stilled at home, and for example, this:

A dish made with Paguma larvata

Her son just caught this creature yesterday.

This is not to say men are useless, they do the major jobs sometimes, like building a house, heavy farming works, and highly skilled tea making.

Now, the most important question, who collects stashes full of cash I just paid?

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