06/11: 2013 Autumn Tea Trip, Part III

My trip ended as planned. You could make a lots of great teas if you had a deep pocket, but for us, a half dozen teas seemed like enough for the season.

Our procurement was tough: first of all, it had to be good to very good, secondly, it had to be reasonably priced. It's not we did not encounter some of the best teas, I just could not image to sell a new tea cake priced at over $ 100 - $ 200 apiece.

The atmosphere in 2013 Fall was very much unsettling.

I toured around Kunming Tea Markets for a Dayi product, but I ended with nothing. I was quoted some ridiculous prices for some mediocre products, everyone knew that Dayi products were just blends with all plantation materials.

The lastest products from Kunming Tea Factory (CNNP) had made me cry foul, I had not seen a Pu-erh tea company with that much confidence to arise their prices to a new high, to match Dayi, yet there were so many fans who bought every new offerings. I, for one, was not going to bite the bullet when I was presented with a ripe tea brick priced at $ 450 apiece.

Before I departed Kunming, I was informed that the selling price for maocha (the raw material every Pu-erh made from) was going to be 30% to 50% more in the next Spring. Some of tea farmers in some of famous tea villages had received the deposits in thousands already for their tea leaves not yet to grow!

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