06/10: 2013 Autumn Tea Trip, Part II

I bet you that you are not familiar with 'Pursue' (or Puxiu) as a reputable Pu-erh tea brand.

You'd be surprised if you dig into this.

'Pursue' is the brand name adopted by Yunnan Puer Tea Group, sort like 'Dayi' to Menghai Tea Factory. To ask if 'Pursue' brand is any good, you have to investigate the factory made the brand.

Believe it or not, Yunnan Puer Tea Group was a big outfit, ranking the 4th after Kunming, Menghai, and Xiaguan, it used to be a state-owned factory called Puer Tea Factory. In October 2004, Hong Kong Changtai Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. purchased it, reformed its structure and franchised it as Yunnan Puer Tea (Group) Co., Ltd.

I was searching some organic Puer in 2013 Spring, I stumbled upon 'Pursue' and found it good enough to add to our offerings. Since then a few 'Pursue' products were bought and offered at our webshop.

Two days ago in a high end tea shop at Kunming Tea Market, I was amazed by 'Pursue' again. I found a number of 2012 'Pursue' products were made under supervision of a famous tea blender, Mr. Li Wenhua, I would say this made a world of difference. Our investigation continued ...

Mr. Li Wenhua is the key person who drafted the National Standard for Puer Tea (GB/T22111). He was the master blender, the production manager at Menghai Tea Factory during 2004 - 2008, many legendary 'Dayi' products were his brainchildren, demanding the highest premium.

liwenhua's brainchildren

Well, this guy joined Yunnan Puer Tea Group in 2011 as GM (departed in 2013 to start his own company Baohexiang, and made a few very expensive products we could not afforded), and managed 2012 'Pursue' product line. I was sure I would find a few gems in 2012 'Pursue', and I had already found a couple of good ones!

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