05/10: 2013 Autumn Tea Trip, Part I

It is well known that Dayi brand products (by Menghai Tea Factory) underwent a huge price hike recently.

It looks like the price cook up is going to spread ... Anyone remembered what happened in 2007?

When I arrived in China on Oct. 1st, I found CNNP was on a rebound.

The case in point, this tea cake was released just for a couple of weeks.

cnnp new blue print tea

The news reported that 100 jian/cases (42 tea cakes per jian/case) of this tea cake was sold out in 15 minutes at an introductory trade shows in Guangdong.

I went to a CNNP tea shop and tasted the tea, found it not that exciting for mighty ¥ 368 RMB (or $ 61 USD) per tea cake.

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