10/08: American Hao, the first generation

What I did lately was to update some of the photos for our American Hao, the first generation.

I also got chance to taste a few of them, one by one.

Good news, they all started to change/age. At least the leaves were turned brownish, smelled like something with age, the brewed broth were all turned orange. But, not all teas changed as I would hoped, they still needed time to develop into something great.

One tea that standed out was 2009 American Hao 0908 Bulang Pu-erh Tea Cake. I was delighted. I could not help thinking this tea could be the jewel of the crown among 2009 teas we made. I enjoyed it more than the most of the expensive offerings from big tea factories. Come on, Dayi, now I know I got something better than you!

MGH 0908 Cake

This is the moment you regreted/hated yourself why not to make a ton of this good stuff.

This is the moment you are relieved you did make a good tea at the first generation after all.

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I can't wait to this one. I have become a big fan of the Bulang Puerhs. I hope I get one before it sells out :)
20/09 20:09:33

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