12/05: 2013 Spring Tea Trip, Part VI

We were pretty much confident on buying great Pu-erh teas, but our purchasing experience with other teas were hit and miss.

Coming to May, I did nothing much but spent hours with other teas.

First I went to a number of specialty tea shops for Black Tea. From the high end, I tried a tea that sold for over $ 700 per kilo, a China Black for $ 300 per kilo and to the low end, I swallowed a few that sold for less than $ 10 per kilo (bad!). After days, and after hours, I learnt a thing or two on Yunnan Black I had never known before. In the end, I finally made my decision on which Yunnan Black to buy, and now I was much more confident about them.

As for Wuyi Rock tea, I did the same, and had little luck. Most Wuyi rock teas sold in Kunming were substandard, they basically called every Oolong tea as Dahongpao. The asking price was about 2-3 times more than a decent Pu-erh, yet the taste was bad. Especially the throat feeling after drinking, I felt dry and uncomfortable. Disappointed I was close to give it all up.

Learnt from my past Pu-erh tea chasing experience, you had to go to the birth place of Wuyi rock tea to find a decent Wuyi rock tea. So I made my move.

I got in touch with a tea factory in a village called 'Wuyi Rock Tea Village', Nanping, Fujian - the place for genuine Wuyi Rock Tea and found a few Wuyi rock teas that definitely met my requirements in terms of taste.

Wuyi rock tea village.jpg

You lucky folks in USA would be able to enjoy the same best teas I found!

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I really have liked the wuyi oolongs you have carried, looking forward to trying these.
17/05 21:05:39

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