30/04: 2013 Spring Tea Trip, Part IV

For all these years I got it all wrong.

In my view, a great ripe Pu-erh tea should be: smooth, clean and pure, no 'off' taste, not sour, not bitter, some sweetness, ...on the top of everything, its brewed soup is of high clarity. Well, it sort tastes/looks like a good black tea.

I knew I was on a wrong track when I received a few feedbacks from our customers on the ripe Pu-erh they had enjoyed. A good ripe Pu-erh tea, according to a few of our customers, should be: thick, woody, sort with Vanilla flavor, as dark as soybean sause, some earthy, even moldy notes are accepted.

Totally shocking to me, but a lesson is learnt.

I guess our MGH 1306 Year of Dragon ripen Pu-erh Tea Cake has to go back to the drawing board. Its objective has been modified and it has to be different.

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I agree with your taste profile, not the "few".
13/09 22:09:47

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