10/04: 2013 Spring Tea Trip, Part II

When you do it continuously for 3 years, you know it better than most people. I am talking about our flagship product: Chocolate Bar.

The first Chocolate Bar was made in 2010 ( MGH 1005), it had been a huge success and it was sold out (one left on April 10th). In 2013 we aimed to make the best of Chocolate Bar.

First of all, we took a lots of tasting sessions with a dozen great known ripe Pu-erh teas to figure out why these teas were the best (let's call it a re-learning process, shall we?). Then we searched the market for the raw materials that were close match.

These ripe teas would not make to our short candidate list:
- Bad appearance
- Fresh fermented with pond/fishy/dirt smell/taste, not properly fermented (light fermented or over fermented)
- Tea with strong sourness, bitterness, and astringency
- Bad after taste, strange throat feeling after drinking

After repeating the brewing sessions with a few good teas on our candidate list, we finally narrowed down to the one as our MGH 1301 - the best Chocolate Bar.

MGH 1301 Brick

Now what's special about MGH 1301?

1. By the look of it, it was composed of mostly imperial grade teas (tips and buds), so it was in premium class.
2. The tea had been stored in Kunming for at least 3 years, so it tasted without any 'off' note.
3. The taste profile is the most pure among all Chocolate Bars, and it has good sweetness, smoothness and nice aroma to make you enjoy it every brew.

We believe MGH 1301 would be the best of our Chocolate Bars.

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10/04 19:48:18
Looking forward to more updates. I've been drinking Japanese matcha again lately after many years away from it and am enjoying it. How do you like it?
22/04 08:39:58

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