28/03: Rejuvenate a Stale Tea

Green tea is kinda scary, it has a short shelf life.

A few facts:

1. Almost all green teas sold at a grocery store/supermarket are bad, they are stale, little taste because they are for certain over one year old. The tea bags are made of tea dust!

2. Everyone knows to buy fresh green tea from a specialty shop to have the best.

3. Tea shops would launch a sales event for green teas at the start of the year. If these green teas are not sold, they become stale, grassy.

4. Premium green tea is made of tips/buds, it is specially prone to go bad!

What if you have certain amount last year's green tea? Before you throw them into the trash, maybe there is a way to rejuvenate it.

I tried these methods as follows, they are partially successful, I beg you to try the same.

1. Microwave it: place the stale tea into a microwavable container, set the timer for 30 - 50 seconds for every 50g tea.
2. Bake it: place the stale tea into a cooking pan, stir ...
3. Foil pack the tea and place it into an oven

You got the idea. I believe above methods are good for other teas that went stale, not just for a green tea. Be aware that a tea after this processing becomes another kind of tea, not the same tea when it's fresh. Try to bake your tiguanyin and black tea, it may deliver an awesome brew.

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3. Foil pack the tea and place it into an oven...
How many to set degrees and time on oven? ))))
08/04 05:33:28
I tried 5 minutes at 300 degree. Guess you have to experiment it with a small amount first.
10/04 17:01:25
What an awesome, empowering idea... No need to be a tea master to pan fry tiguanyin each year! I will give it an experiemental try and report back.
10/04 19:45:05

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