04/01: Holy grail in Pu-erh tea

Is there the best of the bests in Pu-erh tea?

I think not.

The most expensive tea is not equal to the best tea.

I sometime crave for a full stuffed sandwich, some other time I prefer a flavorful BBQ steak with a cold beer, but often I would be settled with a simple Chinese beef noodle.

It's the same when you come to appreciate a good tea. No doubt, LBZ is said to be the best of all Pu-erh teas, and the most expensive. What if you drink it solely day in and day out, only one tea for 2 weeks non-stop? I think you would be sick and tired of it, and lose your senses what LBZ is all about.

We need a balanced drinking pattern. That means we keep our eyes open, and try out all kinds of teas out there, it's not only being good, it's also about fun.

When I talk about this, three MGH green tea bricks come into my mind.

The first, it's 2011 MGH 1109 Green Pu-erh Tea Brick. Good fragrance alone with a little bitterness, I was in heaven. But don't ride it for too long...

The second, 2012 MGH 1206 Green Pu-erh Tea Brick is a pure magic,clean, especially after you tasted so many foods and teas, you feel greasy and heavy, this tea comes to rescue. Then you feel something is missing ...

The third, 2012 MGH 1213 Eco Big Tree Green Pu-erh Tea Brick, it's such a standard, you would use it as the base to jump off to other teas. But it's boring to drink it alone.

I would like to conclude that there is no best of the bests, it's all depends on the occasion, time, place, and people, they all got something to affect your opinion and adjudgement.

Thanks to the varieties of Pu-erh teas coming from every tea producing regions of Yunnan province, we are now able to enjoy all flovors and all aromas, it's nature's bounty.

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Thanks for sharing about these three teas.
10/01 18:58:16
What current puerh teas for sale on the site would you suggest to buy that are very earthy in flavor? The last few puerhs I have bought from other places have been light and do not have the rich, wet earth aroma and flavor that got me into puerh teas a few years ago. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you
17/01 09:45:40
I would suggest to give this cake a spin.

2006 Mengku Imperial Ripen Pu-erh Tea Cake

Earthy, and thick say about it. But many people, including myself, prefer a sweet, black tea alike Pu-erh, simply a pure taste.
21/01 21:50:32

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