06/11: What are my daily Pu-erh?

You may wonder what a guy in tea business whom drinks currently?

I go for the good, and the cheap.

Early in the morning, I take this for a ride.

2012 MGH 1203 Imperial Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick 200g

This lasts till noon. Then in the afternoon, I am happy taking this for a spin.

2012 MGH 1205 Menghai Green Pu-erh Tea Brick

We are moving to Michigan the next month, I may take some high end stuff, because the water there is way better for a premium tea.

Yes, we are moving to Troy, Michigan next month. Indiana would be a memory - my last 12 years.

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I am reminded by your post how much I was impressed by these two samples. The taste of the Menghai green was especially interesting.

Good luck with your move. May it be auspicious.
07/11 14:51:32

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