21/10: 2012 Autumn Tea Trip, Part IV

This is the final chapter to write about my 2012 Autumn Tea Trip. Yes, I am back home in Indy already.

Honestly I spent more than I had budgeted, my bank accounts in China were cleaned out.

I bought a number of 2004 Red Dayi 7542 tea cakes that burned a big hole in my wallet. But I had to do it. I invited a few tea experts to verify the cake if it was a genuine Red Dayi before dishing out most of my funds available.


I considered it a good investment, the better than a bank saving account or other investment instruments I knew. After I searched the net, I was more than happy to make the deal.

The risk of a fake? I also considered that. I believed my own tasting, and the tea confirmed what I knew about Dayi/CNNP 7542, and I was pretty sure about its authenticity. In the event it was a fake, then it was a darn great 'fake'! well worth its asking price.

Many people did not know, it's not a high tech to make a great Pu-erh tea per se. If you collected good raw materials (I still remembered to get aquantinced with a field tea buyer for Menghai Tea Factory, he said his tea factory was only willing to pay the lowest price for raw materials), made a proper blending according to the recipe, a great 7542 was born, that, my friend, could be better than a genuine Dayi 7542 in some cases. After 8 years in storage, what you think it worths?

If a tea is good, who cares how it is made, true or false?

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