02/10: 2012 Autumn Tea Trip, Part III

From Sept. 26th to Oct 2nd, I was in Xishuangbanna.

I drove down to Menghai twice, and went up to Yiwu twice. Overall, I have to say it sadly, the harvest this Fall, up to today, sucks! Due to prolonged rainy days in Yunnan, I have only tasted watery, weak, low aroma teas so far. I was returning Kunming almost with empty hands.

The matter of the fact was I was chasing some Gedeng tea (only one I was short in our shop among 6 famous tea mountains), but found it both super expensive(due to its quantity available), and not to my standard (also blame it to the rain). In any event, I passed Anle village again, this was the third time I was stayed in this little village. I tasted about 4 Mangzhi tea samples and wrote them off, not good enough as my MGH candidate. Over a poker game we drank a Mangzhi tea that impressed me, so I grabbed some as our new MHG 1210, the remaining went to a friend of mine.

In addition I managed to make our first batch MGH ripe tea cakes in Menghai, MGH 1211 and MGH 1212. There, there, we are confident to make ripe Pu-erh tea cakes now, after so many MGH ripe bricks.

It was a 2000km trip to add up.

One interesting observation, I met with Xizhihao sites a couple of times in Yiwu area.

It was close to Anle village at Mangzhi tea mountain, there was a sign hanging on a tree (not a tea tree though) above the tea bushes.


Since the tea field was not on the sunny side of mountain, I was wondering how it tasted. I was happy to confirm all my Mangzhi teas were harvested from the sunny side of mountains.

In Xiangming I saw another Xizhihao sign at the roadside. If Xizhihao got their 'daughter tea' from nearby villages, I had to pass, knowing the altitude of this area was below 1000m, it could not be that good!


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