14/09: 2012 Autumn Tea Trip, Part II

I bet you have never seen a private reserve.

There are many private reserves in China, the quantity and the scale of these reserves sometimes made me believe that someday the price of the old tea should come down substantially. However the market had always amazed me with ever increasing price in the opposite direction.

Yesterday I went to a private reserve (one of many I was going to pay a visit) since I thought I could get something good.

Here are some photos I took by using my iPhone.

Private Reserve

The owner said that he started his collection since 2003, and got over 40 tons in his multiple warehouses. This basement was just one of his storages in Kunming.

Private Reserve

Because the person was a government officer, I was wondering how much he knew about Pu-erh tea?

Private Reserve

A few exchange of words after, I knew he was in for the money, and his knowledge of Pu-erh tea was pretty much at kidengarden level.

That said, he seemed to value his inventory highly. He asked me to pay a 2004 Dayi 7572 cake for 300 RMB (equivalent to $ 48) apiece if I bought the lot, I laughed and said no. As for his other teas, I found them uninteresting and high priced, I had to pass.

Comments made

Cool photos, keen eye on a rip-off deal. I'm glad you know good pu'erh and the market.
17/09 09:46:06
Hahahaha! Too bad he wouldn't let you taste the good stuff :) I bet there's some incredible cakes in a corner somewhere in there -- too bad they'd cost $1000 a tong!
28/09 09:42:06
I did taste a few samples he provided, believe me, I would not pay half of what he was asking for. As I said, he was in for the money, he knew little about the collection.
02/10 19:05:55

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