09/09: 2012 Autumn Tea Trip, Part I

I had been in Kunming for 10 days, and I had to say nothing much was going on.

Yes, yours truly had been in Kunming and went to Kunming Tea Wholesale Markets for a few times, and I had tasted half a dozen 2012 Fall harvested teas from Yiwu, and Mengku, but none of them turned me on. I was told there had been continuously rains in most tea producing regions in Yunnan. It is likely we won't see anything decent till late Sept.

I guess I would take the time to explore some existing teas I could find for the coming week, I am sure there are jems to be found.

The plan is to drive to Xishuangbanna around Sept. 20th. The arrangement had been made to pick up a few good teas.

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Good luck. I don't think you've ever come home empty handed?
10/09 09:53:49
I look forward to seeing what you find. When I have more spending money in a few weeks, I'll be certain to try what you've come back with.
10/09 13:43:38
It's getting hard to find a good tea at a good price, but I will try.
14/09 19:49:13

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